Your Phone of the Future: Huawei?

12 Feb Your Phone of the Future: Huawei?

With Huawei’s fast growth in many markets such as China, Will the US market be it’s next target?


Huawei is an unknown foreign giant to many US customers. But as we saw with the Nexus 6P and Huawei watch (review coming soon), Huawei can make things for the US market that appeal greatly to many consumers. And for those that don’t know exactly who Huawei is: Huawei is a large IoT company whose phones and products have had limited release in the US. There products are generally with a premium build and with software that can have mixed feedback, depending on your taste. Huawei is the maker of the Nexus 6P, once again proving that they can provide amazing hardware, great software, and all at an affordable price. Their foray into the US market would be great for the stale mate that has been happening between Apple and Android, adding a new major player to shake things up. Huawei’s strong support of the budget minded flagship is one that we appreciate greatly and hope to see more of in the US in the future. The competition that Huawei could bring with other devices than just the 6P would be strong with the introduction of devices such as the Mate 8 and Mate S providing such stunning hardware. But, as they are not in the US yet, we are unable to see the extent at which many claim these phones preform.

For Students

Huawei also has a budget brand, called Honor, that just recently made it’s first major apearance in the US market. This phone is called the Honor 5X, and priced at $200, features a metal build, fingerprint scanner, and very solid hardware all around for a lower price than most manufacturers can offer. It is reasons such as this, for the budget minded and students like us, that the introduction of Huawei into the US market could only be good for the consumer and the company itself. The budget minded flagship would come with Huawei in force.