Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery Breakthrough

Samsung Battery Breakthrough

05 Jul Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery Breakthrough

The R&D team at Samsung always seems to be coming up with new breakthroughs. The big one this week, (they seem to be constantly innovating) was leaps and bounds of improvement in lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are the power behind our mobile devices, but they still have two big drawbacks:

1. Lithium-ion batteries experience problems with decreasing capacity after extended cycling. Which means that after you plug in and charge your phone’s battery repeatedly, it will eventually decrease the capacity it has.

2. Lithium ion batteries also have a relatively low capacity for the size. This is especially limiting for cell phones, causing our phone batteries to be stuck in the past. I have internet wherever I want, but my battery can’t last two days.

What Samsung is Doing

Samsung’s research has allowed them to find ways to cover its battery cells with graphene, which allows batteries of the same size as traditional lithium-ion batteries to have between 1.5-1.8 times the capacity.

Samsung Battery Breakthrough

What This Means for Students

This breakthrough could mean a laptop that after a full day at school or work would not need to be tied to the wall by a pesky charger. You can remove that charger from the ever-growing backpack. However, this technology is still in research and development phases. It could be between one and two years before we finally see this technology implemented in our devices, but its something to keep your eye out for.