LG G5: Top 5 Features

21 Feb LG G5: Top 5 Features

With today’s launch of the LG G5, we saw a lot of cartoon designs, weird music, and the phrase “LIfe’s better when you play more” said one too many times. But in case you didn’t catch the event, here is the top 5 features of the LG G5.

Better Specifications

The LG G5 maintains the idea that with every iteration of the phone, the specifications get better. This is something we expected, though always a welcome upgrade. Some of the notable specifications include: a SnapDragon 820, 4 gigabytes of RAM, USB type-C, a rear mounted fingerprint scanner, 32 gigabytes of onboard storage expandable through micro-SD, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The cameras on the back, and yes I did say cameras, are a 16 megapixel standard lens with OIS, and a 135 degree 8 megapixel camera for wide angle shots. The front facing camera is also 8 megapixel camera.

New Design

The LG G5 features an all metal unibody design, with rounded glass seamlessly connecting the front and the back of the phone. The G5 has a smaller display than its predecessor, coming in at 5.3 inches at a quad hd resolution. There also is no antenna bands, which makes the phone look a lot cleaner. The phone itself is really thin, and let me tell you, it looks nice.

Modular Design

With a thin design like this, you may think that the battery life is bad. Luckily, LG revolutionized the market today with a modular design, which allows you to have the convenience of removing the battery, while having the great metal design. At first glance, my immediate thought was that the slot used for the battery may come out, causing major problems should the phone be dropped or otherwise handled. LG was able to save themselves from this annoyance though, with the inclusion of a button on the side that allows for easy and secure movement of the battery slot. I said in a previous video that this would make or break the phone for me, and I have to say that it looks like LG pulled it off.

Always On Display

The G5 features the Always on Display that, as the name implies, is always on. It shows notifications and the time, drawing into question the battery life. LG claims that the Always on Display will only take up .8% battery life per hour, however we reserve judgement on this until we have a chance to use the phone ourselves. The screen used here is IPS, not AMOLED, making us sceptical if it can meet the battery life claims that LG is setting for it. It does seem possible, however, as LG is only lighting 1/3 of the display.

LG Friends

What took up the bulk of the time in the G5 announcement was this idea of a new LG ecosystem, and they showed off many different products that are supposed to be paired with the G5. Most of these things won’t be released for a while, but expect an action camera, a VR Headset, a rolling robot with a camera on it, and a 360 camera.

The G5 looks very interesting and is something that we’ve never seen before. Consumers will appreciate LG taking a risk with this phone, and not just keeping things the same with some updated specs. We are excited to see what the future holds for the G5!