iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7: Everything That Happened at Apple’s Event

21 Mar iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7: Everything That Happened at Apple’s Event

Today Apple had an event to announce the iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7. This is the off time of year where Apple has not characteristically released an iPhone, though it’s good to see them adding more phones to their booming lineup.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is an iPhone 6S with the outer shell of an iPhone 5S. Internals of the SE are identical to the 6S, with the exception of the battery, however this does extend to the camera, a signifigant change that will be appreciated by many. It maintains nearly the exact same design as the 4 inch iPhone, and the SE is merely a renewal of that. The 5S design was one that many appreciated, without it being too large for pockets like many other phones. Apple saw this smaller screen size space as an empty market, with few large impactful players in the area below 4.5 inches in screen size. The nearest that we get to this size of screen in a flagship phone is from Sony, with their Compact series in the Z line. The iPhone SE gets a lot right. It gives great specifications in a smaller form factor that many missed from iPhone’s of years past. And, for once, in something very un-characteristic of Apple, the price is lower than the last iPhone’s released. The iPhone SE will come in at a price of $400 unlocked, and as many carriers are requiring customers to purchase their devices as a whole, price has become a much more significant factor when choosing a smartphone. The iPhone SE fits directly into the Apple pricing models. It looks older, like an iPhone 5S, but functions newer, like a 6S. This is one of the first Apple products that is built, even in pricing, in favor of the consumer in all ways. Apple sacrificed a new design, upgraded the internals, and dropped the price. This is progress for Apple!

iPad Pro 9.7

And this is where Apple feels that it has already given a lower price, so it must give a higher price to compensate. The iPad Pro 9.7 is exactly like it sounds. Take the Goliath that is the iPad Pro, and shrink it down to the same form factor as the iPad Air. As you can see from the picture above, the design of the iPad Pro 9.7 is nearly identical to the iPad air. The things that it adds are “Pro” features, such as a keyboard connector, a higher screen resolution, and four speakers instead of 2. All of these things were seen in the iPad Pro, and the 9.7 model takes all of the good things about that and puts it in a size that feels more normal to use. The differences between the iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Pro are minimal, with improved cameras on the iPad Pro 9.7, alongside a decreased screen size, number of pixels, and battery size on the iPad Pro 9.7. And the price I was talking about earlier? Yea, the iPad Pro 9.7 will look, feel, and for the most part function just like an iPad Air, but will cost $599, while the iPad Air 2 will cost just $399. No, I don’t fully see a use case market or big addition for those extra $200, but Apple’s pricing always does seem to work out well for them, so I won’t question it.

The Extra Bits

While the iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone SE where Apple’s main focal points at their event today, a few other things were briefly mentioned. First, a few new Apple Watch bands were introduced, with a woven nylon being among them. This is Apple attempting to spice up the Apple watch while holding back the next generation until it’s release sometime in the next year. In other Apple watch news, the price has been decreased down to $299 for the base model, a movement of $50 for all Apple watch models. Aside from the Apple watch, very little else was mentioned, aside from things such as software updates and future capabilities of devices.