Apple Watch: One Month Later

Apple Watch Sport

05 May Apple Watch: One Month Later

“What is the point of that thing?” “Isn’t that just a mini iPhone?” “Why did you spend $17,000 on that?” These are a just a few of the myriad of comments I have received while wearing the Apple Watch for the past month. Here is my input after wearing the Apple Watch every day for a month:

The Apple Watch is an interesting device. So many people know about it, but few have actually used it. Upon first glance, many people automatically assume that the watch is supposed to be able to fly to Mars, time travel, and write papers for you. The watch is just a watch. It is not supposed to replace the iPhone; it is supposed to enhance it.

The build quality of the watch is top notch, which is nothing new from Apple. Even the lowest tier device feels and looks great. The sport band is very soft and feels surprisingly premium as well. The screen on the watch curves around onto the aluminum, making it feel completely seamless.

The Apple Watch has a set of 10 watch faces that are already loaded onto the watch. You can do some basic configuration on the watch faces, changing things like the color, and the different types of information that show. It is not amazingly customizable, but that has never been the goal for Apple. The Apple Watch tells time just about as well as any other watch.

Apple Watch Faces

Battery Life

Apple Watch Battery Life

Overall, the battery life on the Apple Watch is pretty good. I could easily get through a day of use, even when I was using the watch quite often. The one downside to the battery life on the watch is the standby time. I found myself at times not using the watch for around 2 hours and coming back with 10% less than what I originally had. Though I have to charge the watch every night, is it really that bad to set the watch on a charger while I’m not using it?


Apple Watch Apps

The apps from Apple are designed well for the watch. They are very fluid, and do a good job of complementing the full apps for the iPhone. The case is not the same for third party apps. Some of the apps feel like the developers were trying to hard to turn the watch into the iPhone. Most of the third party apps have a loading time of around 10 seconds. This may change in the future, as developers get more experience with the watch itself.

Apple Watch Loading


In my opinion, the best part of the watch is the notifications. This feature of the watch is virtually perfect. I love how the watch alerts you with the Taptic Engine when you receive a notification, but the screen does not turn on until you lift your wrist. This is very helpful for classroom situations, as you may not want the screen of the watch turning on at any given moment.


The durability of the Apple Watch Sport is okay, but it is definitely a step down from the stainless steel model. The Ion-X on the watch is good for impacts from drops, but not necessarily scratches. The sapphire glass on the regular Apple Watch is much more scratch-resistant. The impact resistance on the Ion-X glass is kind of useless, as the watch is literally strapped to your wrist.

Apple Watch Durability

All in all, the Apple Watch is a great starting point for an entirely new line of products for Apple. I expect the Apple Watch to continue being successful through future years and generations of the device.