Tech Coverage by Students for Students

Our inspiration for TechieGrad was the lack of tech coverage directed at students. TechieGrad will feature the best apps, websites, and products for education. Also, we will unbox and review the latest devices in tech.

Who is TechieGrad?

Sawyer Timco

Ever since the original iPhone, Sawyer Timco has had an interest in technology. He enjoys how it continuously develops more and more, and how there is always something new to see. Sawyer primarily uses Apple products, but appreciates the customization that Android has to offer. Also, he plays for the Austin Texans 01 Boys soccer team, when heĀ isn’t doing homework or working on TechieGrad.

Sawyer Timco Techie Grad

Alec Schultz

As his parents got their first touch screen phones, Alec was immediately interested in technology. He is always surprised by the new heights that technology can rise to, and is always looking farther into the ideas behind it. Alec likes to spend time with his dogs; Lily, Bea and Roxanne and his cats; Sophie and Bro. Alec is also part of his high school’s Science Olympiad team, competing when he is not doing homework or working on TechieGrad.

Alec TechieGrad Picture